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Acrylics on Canvas & Board

Over the years I've created the majority of my works on canvas and eventually I'll add a lot more of them as I get a chance to go through my archived materials.  In the meantime I'm going to add works that are already digitized. 


These first acrylics on canvas are mainly city scenes and do not present the broader range of my interests.  I'll be working on this section next, so come back later to see my progress.  Thank you.

Early Cartoons

Gallery One - Four Exotic Arrangements

These four works on illustration board were created in my Malibu Studio after my studio director, Deidre Long, suggested we order some flowers for the studio from our nearby florist to brighten up the studio and asked for something exotic.  The bouquets  inspired me to create these four works on board.

Gallery Two  -  Works on Canvas

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