COPY FOR WORKS ON PASPERT People ask why my buildings are so wavy, like they're almost under water.  I had done a series of city scene with traffic moving through the city and began to see the cars as fish and the buildings like seaweed.  As my works on paper are generally much more experimental where the smaller sizes and paper surfaces are ideal for doing quick studies and sketches with paint and pencils and pastels.


I did a few paintings where the cars were actually swimming through the city like a school of fish.  I had included a few in the works on display in Japanese galleries and was surprised at how ell they were received.  At the time my art publisher was certain they would think I had painted them while on an acid trip but I've personally found acid to be much more of a hindrance than a help when it comes to paining.


I've always painted very freely and I don't generally plan or think about what I'm going to do when I'm in a creative mood with paper.  The colors just flow and I'm often surprised to see what I'm painting.  These sketches and quick paintings are often prototypes for my larger works on canvas.