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The Art    of James Talmadge


t’s been 70 years since the time I first decided I wanted to be an artist.  I was four.

Every night at our dinner table I would stare at what looked like a photo of three small fishing boats dragged up on shore with a pier off in the distance.  It was in a simple wooden frame.


What intrigued me was that it really wasn’t a photo at all, it was a drawing, or more likely a copperplate etching which was common to that era. 

From where I sat the boats looked so real that at first I did think it was a photo, but when I got closer the realism turned into a line drawing.  Every time I was at the table I would look at that piece and think how wonderful it would be if I could draw something like that.  

Perhaps it was a gradual process or if I had revelation about my future, but I recall vividly the feeling that I was going to be an artist. It was something I just knew.  And from that time forward I have always thought of myself as an artist no matter where I was or what I did.

Like so many others my life has taken various unanticipated turns here and there but I have always seen this world through the eyes of an artist.  It is just who I am and who I always wanted to be since I was four.

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