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What happened to Flash?

Previously was a Flash website with animation and plenty of user  interactivity. It was a very rich and fun site. However Flash is no longer supported by it's corporate developer, Adobe, due in large part to its complexity and incompatibility with mobile devices. 

The demise of Flash was hastened by Apple's decision not to support it on their mobile platforms. It was just too buggy and energy demanding for mobile operating systems of that era, and it turned out there were also security issues with the Flash Player.

At the time many web designers said that Steve Job's decision not to include Flash in its iPhone OS set the internet back 20 years as far as aesthetics and creative expression goes.  It was the beginning of the end for Flash.  And now it's the end.

Given these severe creative web-building restrictions we still hope to make this site

as interesting as possible.  Stay tuned...

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