These are all heavily textured metallic acrylics on canvas.

When I first received samples of metallic acrylic paints I loved their wonderful vibrant reflective properties, but I knew from my experience with other specialty paints such as interference and day-glow colors that they would be near impossible to blend successfully with traditional artist's acrylics.  Their high reflectivity would make them stand out the way gold leaf stands out in painted assemblages.

I decided to use this new metallic media to create non-representational works where color design and texture rather than arranged imagery would dictate my compositions.  These are the first abstract compositions I've created since my early days as an artist.  My son, Damian, commented, "You've finally abandoned imagery altogether in favor of pure color."  I guess I've been heading that way for quite a while.

I'm just starting to collect images for this page so please bookmark talmadgeart.com and visit again in the coming days.  I'm in the middle of a lot of projects right now and haven't had a chance to concentrate on building this site as I had originally hoped.